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How to Know If Guy Is Cheating on You

HOW to know a guy is cheating – not guess – but KNOW he is cheating

Here are SIGNS a guy MAY be cheating

Despite the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger had the most incredible woman by his side for many years yet he still cheated should be a clue to you that no relationship is 100% cheat proof.

The fact of the matter is that for your own emotional well being you owe it to yourself to be armed with the knowledge and information to detect infidelity. As Dr Phil always says “the only thing worse than being in a bad relationship for 5 years is being in a bad relationship for 5 years and 1 day”. The good news is there are definite signs that a guy is cheating on you.

Even better news I will show you here how to know for a fact he is cheating on you ( or not)

Does he seem really protective and secretive about things like his cell phone? If your guy is hiding things on his cell phone from you you can be sure it’s not the phone number to his favorite pizza place.

It is most likely because he knows you can view e-mails, chats, cell phone text messages,and other incriminating data.

He starts to dress and groom as if he’s going out on dates. If the guy starts to dress up more than he used to and if he starts to smell different or better than he used to he could be schmoozing his boss at work but that’s highly unlikely. One of the biggest overall clues to infidelity is changes in behavior and grooming as opposed to how he is grooming. It’s the change that’s the giveaway.

Why is he suddenly doing things different?

Does he suddenly seem much more laid back? That’s probably because he’s getting laid a lot with some girl on her back. Unless you are the one suddenly doing extra special sex things in the bedroom this is something to take note of.

If your guy exhibits one or more of these behavioral traits then perhaps it’s time to step things up from suspicion to prove.

The following are the highest powered and most advanced spy techniques that will let you know for sure if your guy is cheating or not.

Here is how to KNOW a guy is cheating

Cell Phone Spy

This one may be a little tricky if he’s exhibiting the number one sign that he is cheating ( protective of his cell phone) because if he is that protective there

is a pretty good chance even if you could get to his cell phone to install of cell phone spy there is probably a password on it. If this is not the case several of the most powerful, most reliable, and least expensive cell phone spies used for the purpose of detecting infidelity in your man are MSPY, SpyBubble, MobileSpy.

If you still want to spy on his cell phone but you can’t get access to it where there is a password on it you could always take a look at remote cell phones by CellControl.

Computer Spy

If you want something really simple, basic, and free to spy on what your man is doing on the computer you could always go with cheating spouse investigator which is 100% free.

If you want something a little fancier and a little more thorough in terms of PC espionage the most highly recommended choice is ace’s spy.

GPS vehicle tracking

One of the many spy features that cell phone spy software has its GPS tracking.

But if you can’t get a hold of his cell phone to install the spy you can still insert a tiny GPS tracking stick hidden somewhere in his vehicle.

It will tell you everywhere he goes, when he goes there, and how long he stays there.

Hidden Cameras

Very reasonably priced are all kinds of hidden cameras you can place around the home including hidden cameras with night vision and hidden cameras that are disguised as common household objects like smoke detectors and teddy bears.

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