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The Beloved Has Left…

The beloved has left… What should be done immediately?

So, you have been announced that you are not loved. That you will no longer be together. Slammed the door and left. It became unbearably painful. The world has collapsed! What do you want to do?! Certainly not the ones you want the most!

There’s no way:

  • Urgently call your ex(er) in a hysterical fit;
  • Write to all social networks and messengers;
  • Come over;
  • Try to catch him or her;
  • Getting revenge.

All thoughts of how to get your loved one back are working against you.

But what do you need? You are torn apart right now!
At this moment you are like a completely “crazy” person, you don’t belong to yourself. What controls you will make you do many, many, many things that you will definitely regret bitterly!

You need psychological emergency self-help! The most important thing for you is to get out of the fog of that pain and obsession that has taken over your mind. If you turn your attention to your body right now, you will notice the storm raging in your body. You probably feel a wild emotional stirring mixed with the pain you feel in your body. Maybe your chest is tight or burning, there is a lump in your throat, and your arms and legs feel like they are filled with lead.

If you feel an emotional “explosion,” you need to run. Literally! Go to the park, the woods, the street, and run… Fast. Waving your arms, screaming. Until all the flame of emotion, all the excitement is burned away by the physical effort. Until you are completely tired. You may have to run long and to the point of exhaustion.

When powerlessness sets in, there will be no more strength or desire to do stupid things. And you’ll be devastated. That’s better! At least you won’t get into trouble.

On to the next step.

Thoughts. You lie there with no strength, no desire, no light, and your thoughts begin to eat you up. And this is where you need to write them out! Not to think, but to pour them out on paper. You can dictate them on a tape recorder. But you can’t analyze anything.

You just have to let all this negative flow out of you!

Complain, swear, scold, resent, remember how good it was, but not in your head! Give everything, everything to paper! So that not a single bit of this negative garbage remains in your consciousness!

Imagine that you are a hollow tube through which all this dirty foam of negative thoughts should leak out without a trace! Not a single drop of these poisonous thoughts must remain in your beautiful body, in your pure consciousness!

And the final stage is the breath. Open a window. Let the fresh air rush into the room! Slowly and deeply inhale this cool air.

Imagine the air filling your head, your body, cleansing you of pain. You may feel a little dizzy. That’s okay! You need to cleanse yourself of the poison of emotional pain!

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I explained more in this video.
Don’t let your emotions take over you – run!
Don’t let bad thoughts poison you – discharge!
Don’t let the pain get into your body – exhale the pain, breathe slowly and deeply!