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Time Does Not Heal!

What is it that you have taken the fashion to heal time? Come on! No need to put hours to the heart in the hope of healing psychic wounds!

Ah, it turns out that’s not the case, is it? You just have to wait a little longer for it to go away?

All right… How long shall we wait? There’s a whole lifetime ahead! Fifty years is enough?

“Fuck you, Smirnov! Wait fifty years yourself!” – The disgruntled women reached for the tomatoes with indignation. And even began to take aim at the speaker.

Quiet, quiet! No hands, please! Let’s get to the bottom of this…

What do they mean when they say, “Time heals”?

They mean that in time, all the emotions that are hurting now will go away on their own. You just have to wait.

Likewise, the woman believes that the source of the pain she is experiencing is in the man. She fell in love by mistake. Now she can easily figure out a man who can hurt and will not contact such a man. She will only let the “right” man near her.

Now let’s look at the factors that are not considered in this situation.

First, the woman’s internal problems led her to this very painful situation. These problems predate this relationship. The pain is a consequence of internal problems that have not been dealt with for a long time.

Maybe the woman has been a victim since she was a child. Maybe she has always been resentful, or maybe she has been suffocated by her fears. The reasons are different for each situation.

Look, time hasn’t cured her internal problems in so many years. On the contrary, it’s gotten really bad! Why should anything change by itself this time?

The second is that after so much pain, fear will kick in. A woman will close up and will not allow herself any men that she can fall in love with. She may also subconsciously start to take revenge on men. Which will lead to very negative feedback from the opposite sex.

Third, what we fear the most is what we attract. This is where the conclusion can be drawn on its own.

What will actually happen over time is that the heartaches will go deep into the subconscious. Not disappear, but subside.

That’s where the legend that time heals comes from! Usually within a few years psychological traumas “go into hibernation” again, provided no one reactivates them. And the former partner will not constantly flash before your eyes.

And now the most important thing to know about time. Ready?


Don’t waste precious moments of your life on childish expectations that everything will go away by itself!