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Who Cools Down Faster From a Breakup?

The other day I was asked a question – who cools down faster after a breakup – men or women?

My years of experience tells me that the process of recovery from a breakup does not depend on gender! Rather it depends on the individual. On his psychological constitution.

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It is quite obvious

If a person is prone to “getting stuck” in his personal life, if he easily gets into dependence on another person, then the suffering will last a long time.

If self-esteem is low, and the other person was the only source of joy and a ray of light in the darkness, again such a person will suffer long and hard.

If he is not able to concentrate on the positive, eternal whiner, it will be extremely difficult to come away from the parting.

If mental pain is much stronger than will, then this pain will be a reliable neighbour for a very long time.

The above-described negative personal qualities can be guided by

It is their presence that determines how long the person will “cool down” after the breakup.

It is also useful to check yourself, whether you have similar negative character traits?


Take a piece of paper and a pencil, answer the question, what in your character aggravates the process of parting with your partner? This will be a plan for working on yourself! It’s what you need to deal with the fastest!