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Why Do Women Get Involved With Married Men?

No, we are not talking about those cases where married men himself seeks connection and attacks. It is when women take the initiative themselves.

Example: my husband has a page in the social network in his name, but it is common as it were, and I have access. And sometimes girlfriends of my youth write there, and start sending kisses, and remember me, etc. I don’t mind socializing, but why text a married man like that? Or at the gym, a lady with brightly colored makeup and loose hair starts asking her husband, and how’s that exerciser, like that one. Who wants to know that, goes to the trainer on duty. What’s the fun of getting in cheating with a married man?

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Because chicks are sure – if he’s married, then he’s good

There’s that saying “all normal men are married.” And if he’s not married, it means nobody wants him, he’s bad, he’s substandard.

Women. What can you take from them? They haven’t had a brain, they haven’t and they never will.

They have to get acquainted somewhere

And then, the lady at the gym might not know that he was married, she approached the man she liked and began asking questions, and see if the man then to the morning coffee will call. And in social networks do you have a large inscription: “this page is a common husband and wife Pupkins”? If not, the classmates may not know that you see everything, and also want to start a relationship.

They’re all free women, they can hit on whoever they want. The other thing is that the married ones have to respond appropriately to that solicitation. Married ladies get hit on by men too. So everyone hits on everyone, the only question is how married women and married women feel about the hit on, whether they immediately rush to cheat, or turn the hitter away.

There are just more married people, everywhere you look they’ve already gotten married.

Chicks try to get pregnant quicker to keep a man and tie him down. Not everybody wears a ring. Some people think they’re married without a wedding ring. If I see a married man, if I see a ring or know that he lives in a common-law marriage with a child, I will not approach him or will ignore him, if he just cohabits or meets someone, he is a free man for me.

Mistresses do not envy, they sit, waiting in ambush, rubbing their asses to shine, in order to entice the beau.

Only they don’t think about the fact that their asses get old over time, while their owners go to other people’s homes. Why not envy them? There are married mistresses who have affairs with married men just for the sake of interest and variety, there are such mistresses who do not want a family and again with married men for sex and entertainment, some men divorce themselves and leave their wives for their mistresses, I have many such acquaintances … And some have unmarried lovers in general, just met with a lover – he does not need to cook, or clean up after him, or to put up with everyday life. Married men are dogs, so you can do anything with them, walk around, take them away, etc., just do not create a family relationship with them, because they are dogs and pick-up men. It is necessary to have a lover! But in addition to him another permanent partner for a family relationship.

I agree with the fact that mistresses are dope when they fall in love, hope for marriage and do everything possible and impossible for the sake of it, and such are the majority. Only a few have fun with married men for a change. That’s how women’s nature works: first they get involved for gifts, and then they fall in love, and the roof is blown off from “unearthly” love. And then cry here: I did not want to leave the family, and now help me, what to do to keep him.

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So the married man can get a divorce. Once I pushed him away, and he divorced after 3 months, and he immediately clung to him at work alone. On the other hand, I spent two years with an unmarried guy who was all right, but neither wanted to live together, nor get married, and he never did, and how many women wasted their time on him.

What difference does it make to you who is writing to whom and why and who he is hitting on? It all depends on the reaction of your husband. If you are all so beloved and valuable in his eyes, then he would not pay attention to the madam, who asked about simulators. And if you are twitching, and you care about this topic, then, well, you know, that your husband behaves this way and allows him to podkatat. In general, a wise woman watches herself, not her husband, and who is writing to him, and who is hitting on him. And her husband is a big boy and he can decide what to do and how to do it.

Of course they think they are better than you, cooler, prettier, and so on. Like the wife is a mouse, and I’m a star! There are a lot of women like that who overestimate themselves. Yes, it looks funny when some broomstick of fifty years of standing proudly in the photo like a queen, even if someone throws his arm so, that, say, here I am what! But they really think so and so, the queens, and do not doubt for a second that they whistle, and your husband will run away from you to them, dropping their slippers. And there is no cure, and even over the years does not pass.